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Is Unique Content Offset by Generic Descriptions?

Owners of retail sites are sometimes concerned about including a generic descriptions on their site for the benefit of their readers because they fear the significance of their unique content will be reduced.  This very question was put to the Google Webmaster Helpline and the response in this YouTube video is extremely helpful.  The advice is […]

Semantic Research – The Future

This YouTube video examines the question ” what is the future of semantic search“?  Some people describe semantic search as a way in which website creators or publishers specify relationships between words and concepts.  Whilst the basis of this was full of promise, in reality it turns out that the framework is really rather brittle.  Instead […]

Do These Keyword Research Tools Really Work?

Keyword research is the basis of success to any blog or site.  Free keyword suggestion tools may be good enough to get us started, but generally they just aren’t good enough.  This article outlines five advanced keyword research tools that are well worth checking out.  You will learn which tools are useful for both SEO and PPC […]

Reinventing the Billboard

Michagan Avenue in Chicago now has a intelligent display that will ask you if you want breakfast and then send relevant deals to your phone. Displays in Miami and New York are to follow. The Chicago displays, developed by Elevate Digital, have been active since December, in streets and venues. Video and movie trailers can […]

Does Linkbait Really Work?

If you have ever wondered about the value of linkbait, this article will be of great interest to you.  As we all know the only object of link bait is to attract links and if it fails to do so, it fails its SEO objective.  This article researches the data of some major link bait articles and […]

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