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Is Duplicate Content Being Re-Targeted?

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have just been granted patents for elements of their search engines two more closely examine page addresses and URLs on dynamic websites. You may have noticed extremely long URLs appearing in the address bar after you have clicked on a search link, the new patents will allow the search engines to eliminate sections […]

How Microformats May Help Clickthrough Rates

Microformats are a relatively new phenomenon on appearing in search engine results pages. They are highlighted by a star rating which appears on the first line under the actual result, and may indicate a review, person or event connected to the search term. Google calls these ”rich snippets”.

How To Get Top Google Rankings

Getting your website to rank at the top of Google for the right keyword phrase can help your business grow faster than you ever imagined. And while the Google Algorithm has more than 200 different factors that control rankings, the following factors are what we know to work for improving SEO rankings.1) On-Page SEO Ranking […]

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