Reinventing the Billboard

Michagan Avenue in Chicago now has a intelligent display that will ask you if you want breakfast and then send relevant deals to your phone. Displays in Miami and New York are to follow. The Chicago displays, developed by Elevate Digital, have been active since December, in streets and venues. Video and movie trailers can […]

Does Linkbait Really Work?

If you have ever wondered about the value of linkbait, this article will be of great interest to you.  As we all know the only object of link bait is to attract links and if it fails to do so, it fails its SEO objective.  This article researches the data of some major link bait articles and […]

Emergency ad summit for Facebook

An unpublicized emergency summit has been held by Facebook in New york, after confusion about policies for advertising. The meeting was called after many ad agencies were found to be pitching campaign ideas beyond the guidelines. Among others, Crispin Porter + Bogusky attended the summit, which was aimed a resolving numerous issues. One problem identified […]

How to Rid Your Site of Malware

Google has several Malware diagnostic tools in their Webmaster Tools area, but the tool has been recently updated to include many more features.  If your site has a Malware problem, Google may show a warning message in the search results indicating that the site is potentially harmful.  This is a sure signal to Webmasters to remove dangerous […]

How To Clean Up a Compromised Site

Google has released some interesting tips on how to clean up a compromised website.  Websites can be compromised through a variety of factors including malicious code and conflicting information about site ownership.  If you are not on top of your game, your site can be de-indexed when this occurs, so it is important to use Google […]

Twitter lets advertisers geotarget promoted tweets

An advertising tool to allow companies to target tweets at specific users has been announced by Twitter. It tweets users based on their geographic location, or according to whether they access the service via phone or computer. This means brands can identify particular users and send them the ads they can benefit from, avoiding messages […]

Google Algorithm Cracked?

One of the great SEO Masters over the last decade and a half, Ted Ulle, has finally been caught on video discussing search patents.  The video is titled ‘ Cracking the Google Algorithm’, and you will find interesting information about significant algorithm changes that have occurred over the last five years such as Google’s war on […]

Where Does Online Influence Come From?

When you think about it, social media is really just another avenue for word of mouth marketing (WOMM).  The problem is, when you look at the social media data it is difficult to know where the greatest impact is coming from.  This report outlines some new analysis figures from Forrester indicating that just 16% of […]

‘Minority Report’ software now reality

The big screen, hand-gesture software depicted in the film ‘Minority Report’ is now becoming a reality. Scientist John Underkoffler has developed the interface to enable users to sift through masses of data.The system is intented to help facilitate workflow between multiple users. Kwin Kramer, chief executive of Oblong who developed the system observes that a […]

20 Tips That Make Your Website Even Better!

If you don’t want to read this post about how to make your website better, you can simply watch the videos and get the same information.  In any case, this is an easy to read blog that goes into great detail by giving you 20 itemised tips of things that you can do to vastly improve […]

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