Consumers are twice as comfortable receiving targeted offers from Amazon as they are from Facebook, new research shows. The study by Harris Interactive surveyed customers who already knew of the use of ad targeting data. It found that 66% of those consumers said it was acceptable for their purchase history to inform Amazon of what offers would be relevant, whereas the idea of Facebook doing the same with user profile data was only acceptable with 33% of those surveyed. 41% were comfortable with Google using search data for targeted ads. In the survey, 38% were OK with receiving offers on their phone from local merchants.

Interestingly, 52% of females between 18 and 34 found Facebook’s strategy acceptable, and 81% of all adults surveyed were happy with having their data used for offering relevant coupons. Chief Executive of Placecast, who commissioned the research, said that Amazon has cultivated a scenario where consumers understand and accept the use of the data they provide for the service.


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