Integrating banners with social, search and email is critical to success. A 2012 survey of companies worldwide found that three out of the top four trends most significant to the future of display advertising were related to integration. At the top of the list was increased integration with social media, and next was integration with search. The spring survey was conducted by Econsultancy and Responsys.

eMarketer principal analyst David Hallerman noted, “The insights derived from search intent modeling, along with the paid search and SEO pieces of larger marketing activities, all help support other brand advertising, both online and offline.”

Companies were most likely to say that integrating search and display had the most positive impact on their display advertising. Agencies cited personalized ads as more important to the future of display than search integration. However, two-thirds agree with their marketer clients that search integration boosted display performance.

Google search "Analytics"on a smart phone