Be More Optimistic. Here’s Why

How you interpret your so-called reality determines how you react to it. And those reactions are what actually matter. Here’s why. Humans can’t discern ‘reality,’ only their senses channeled through their minds which gives those things meanings. So our experience of reality is actually an experience of our interpretation of reality. The world around us […]

Lead Gen Focus Is Trained On Digital For Marketers

The internet has provided markets with an opportunity to develop leads early in a consumer’s purchase process. And marketers are looking to measure the success of their efforts. A survey carried out by research company MarketingSherpa in January 2012 found that 52% of markets said their top lead gen strategy for the next year was […]

SEO Tools Worth Buying

Whilst there are many SE0 tools out there, most Webmasters acknowledge that to get the really powerful tools you need you are going to have to pay for them.  But which ones are best for your needs?  This is the question that is answered in this blog post which recommends the five best advanced SEO tools […]

Search is on for Facebook’s next big thing

The co-founder of the business that became Google Maps now leads a team of engineers at Facebook. Their mission is to improve search, and to achieve this by leveraging Facebook’s huge reserves of data from its 800 million active users. Danish-born Lars Rasmussen has to keep the content confidential, but he says it isn’t a […]

Is Search the Future of Display?

Integrating banners with social, search and email is critical to success. A 2012 survey of companies worldwide found that three out of the top four trends most significant to the future of display advertising were related to integration. At the top of the list was increased integration with social media, and next was integration with […]

Visa: Mobile payments will be mainstream in 2/3 years

The technology that allows customers to tap their smartphone to pay rather than using cash or cards is taking a while to get off the ground. There are two problems to overcome: hardware and customer awareness. In terms of hardware, it depends on retailers being willing to upgrade their point-of-sale terminals. Customer awareness include instilling […]

Paid vs organic search

Are PPC (pay-per-click) ads effective? It seems they are. For some types of keywords, PPC ads have higher click-through rates than organic search results, a recent study has found. WordStream’s research includes points such as sponsored results accounting for 64.6% of clicks for keywords that imply high commercial content. And total click-through rates for Google […]

Getting Google to Index Your Site Map

Having 10,000 URLs on your site map does not guarantee that Google will index them all. In a short video that explains Google’s thinking the advice is that if you want to have more pages indexed you need to become more of an authority.  Ultimately what this means is that your site needs to have […]

How to Make Your Facebook Page Even Better

Most Internet marketers are aware of the impact that a Facebook page can have on sales conversions, but many still have a lot to learn when it comes to grabbing their fan’s attention.  This article outlines 10 things you can do to turn your Facebook page into a dynamic and engaging destination.  From general advice like […]

Possibility of a Yahoo-Google Deal

Yahoo is earning so little under its search deal with Microsoft that Microsoft is having to make up the difference due to a revenue guarantee. This may lead to Yahoo needing a new partner, such as Google. Yahoo chief financial officer, Tim Morse, said ‘Both companies continue to work hard to materially improve the performance, […]

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