How you interpret your so-called reality determines how you react to it. And those reactions are what actually matter. Here’s why. Humans can’t discern ‘reality,’ only their senses channeled through their minds which gives those things meanings. So, our experience of reality is actually an experience of our interpretation of reality. The world around us consists of things we can control and things we can’t. The actions we take are in fact the only thing we can control.

Defining the future is about the meaning we give to the events and their significance – an interpretation of reality. Pessimism drives us to make decisions out of fear, take less risks, miss opportunities, as well as impoverishing life though the experience of fear and dread. Optimism means risk-taking, trying new things, being alive to what might happen. And on a daily basis it enriches your experience with excitement and anticipation.

So, the question is, what realism are you creating for yourself?


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