The range of social media channels is growing, which means that businesses need help. Here are 5 benefits of digital marketing agencies.

1. Prioritisation – Unlike most businesses, digital ad agencies have resources and approaches that can evaluate priorities of objectives and programs suited to a wide variety of client-types.

2. Specialisation – In the past, marketing was limited to direct mail, print ads, radio and television. Now there are so many options – email, SEO, webinars, infographics, daily deals, and so on – specialists rather than generalists are needed to target a market effectively.

3. Globalization – Competitors nowadays can come from anywhere on the globe, and companies find themselves needing to keep informed and responsive to developments on all fronts to stay alive.

4. Long Tail – ‘Digital Marketing Agencies’ used to be out of the range of small businesses with lower budgets. But now local agencies can provide services to suit all pockets.

5. Metrics – As spending increases towards digital services, inevitably business metrics will come under increasing scrutiny and digital agencies have access to valuable metrics and reporting paradigms.

4 reasons to use an agency

1. Even if you have a range of marketing skills, an agency can enhance effectiveness by focusing on one or two areas that fit with your strategy.

2. Employing an agency rather than taking someone on permanently is more efficient.

3. Agencies with resources of expertise and technology are available to suit any projects that come up, allowing projects to be tested without a massive outlay.

4. Rather than running separate campaigns that waste time and resources, agencies can design campaigns that are interwoven.

Whether or not you choose to use them, digital marketing agencies are on the up.