Michigan Avenue in Chicago now has an intelligent display that will ask you if you want breakfast and then send relevant deals to your phone. Displays in Miami and New York are to follow. The Chicago displays, developed by Elevate Digital, have been active since December, in streets and venues.

Video and movie trailers can be played, and people can input their contact details to win free tickets. A social sharing aspect is also involved, with the facility to take pictures and video to send to Facebook friends or email. This aspect is said by Georgia Burciaga, the company’s CEO, to markedly increase the number of impressions an ad gets.

The displays keep track of how individuals use them based on the type of information people give. This is advertising that talks to people, gets to know them, and then tells them more about the product advertised, according to Burciaga.

Source: https://www.inc.com/christina-desmarais/elevate-digital-reinventing-the-billboard.html

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