The big screen, hand-gesture software depicted in the film ‘Minority Report’ is now becoming a reality. Scientist John Underkoffler has developed the interface to enable users to sift through masses of data. The system is intended to help facilitate workflow between multiple users. Kwin Kramer, chief executive of Oblong who developed the system observes that a business can have masses of data at its disposal, but it can be difficult to make use of this when it is hard to access and on different machines. This software changes that.

The gesture interface is called “g-speak” spatial operating environment and some systems use a glove rather than the hand alone. There have even been requests from the military for this interface. Unlike the onscreen version though, the software does not provide ‘pre-crime’ detection data, however it could be extended by law enforcement agencies, who could add their own analytics for this purpose.


Minority report