In the battle between the big four players in digital experience, it’s devices and platforms that create the heaviest competition. At least one of Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook always play at least a prominent, or even a defining role in shaping the various features of the digital landscape. This competition has driven each of the four into new territory. An example is Google’s Android, which originally took on Apple, and having launched into that field, now Google is introducing the Nexus 7 tablet.

Facebook is at a disadvantage, because the future requires an integration of diverse areas such as hardware, software, content and services. eMarketer said “to compete effectively now requires direct control over many, if not most of these assets, and enough leverage in areas of strength to compensate for areas of weakness.”

The full report is entitled  “The Changing Digital Landscape: Key Trends Marketers Need to Know.” It also addresses questions such as whether the future of digital media is open or closed, and to what extent have platforms become a dominant force in mediating the digital media experience.

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