Two new Google SERPs are being tested: the way Google shopping search results are displayed and tabbed mega sitelinks.

In Google shopping, rather than the usual expected list of search results, a different form of display is being tested. The right sidebar has been seen used for a variety of services and features that include search results as well as other sources of information. Since ads are usually in this space, it is thought that Google might be hoping to cash in on users becoming more accustomed to this area as a source of useful information.

The SEO Consult blog noted a second test last week. Mega sitelinks were displayed, but the linking for the anchor text was found not to be, as one commentator suggested, down to internal links. However, Testers discovered the source – a external link that related directly to the anchor text. This opens the unfortunate possibility of the tabbed sitelinks being manipulated by competitors using external links.

See the SEO Consult blog for more information.

Laptop displaying google web page