Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook: battle for dominance

In the battle between the big four players in digital experience, it’s devices and platforms that create the heaviest competition. At least one of Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook always play at least a prominent, or even a defining role in shaping the various features of the digital landscape. This competition has driven each of […]

Is There Any Money in Trading Domain Names?

Internet marketers who buy and sell Domain names,or domainers as they are known, have established legendary profits over the last 10 years.  But what is the real truth behind this market strategy?  This article is written by a seasoned domainer who is only too happy to spill the beans on the ins and outs, and ups […]

Link Building – Is There A Better Way?

The most Internet marketers spend their time building links, day in, day out.  Anyone who is serious about good SEO does the same.  But, is there a better way?  This article points out that there are no guarantees when you spend so much time building links, in fact most of your time could be wasted.  The […]

Facebook changing marketing metrics

Facebook has promoted its major selling point as being its ability to grow revenue. Now it is changing how marketers can measure effectiveness. Metrics such as Likes and clicks are becoming outdated. Now time spent on site and ad engagement metrics are seen as more significant.One of the biggest issues Facebook has is the limitations […]

Amazon Offers? Cool. Facebook? No Thanks.

Amazon Offers? Cool. Facebook? No Thanks. Consumers are twice as comfortable receiving targeted offers from Amazon as they are from Facebook, new research shows. The study by Harris Interactive surveyed customers who already knew of the use of ad targeting data. It found that 66% of those consumers said it was acceptable for their purchase […]

A Refresher Course of SEO Tips

If you have been reading a lot about SEO recently you may be starting to get a little jaded or just suffering from information overload.  Many SEO experts have different ways of expressing the same idea and this can lead to confusion in the mind of new website owners who are attempting to structure their website with […]

Is Duplicate Content Being Re-Targeted?

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have just been granted patents for elements of their search engines two more closely examine page addresses and URLs on dynamic websites. You may have noticed extremely long URLs appearing in the address bar after you have clicked on a search link, the new patents will allow the search engines to eliminate sections […]

Digital Market Agencies – 5 reasons they work, 4 reasons you want one.

Business Corporate Management Planning Team Concept The range of social media channels is growing, which means that businesses need help. Here are 5 benefits of digital marketing agencies. 1. Prioritisation – Unlike most businesses, digital ad agencies have resources and approaches that can evaluate priorities of objectives and programs suited to a wide variety of client-types. 2. Specialisation – […]

How Microformats May Help Clickthrough Rates

Microformats are a relatively new phenomenon on appearing in search engine results pages. They are highlighted by a star rating which appears on the first line under the actual result, and may indicate a review, person or event connected to the search term. Google calls these ”rich snippets”.

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